Prepare to get back on the saddle next month, because Wild West Online will officially release next month!

As Rockstar’s massive video game hit Red Dead Redemption once proved, spending time in the digital wild west is absolutely fun as hell. From engaging in saloon shoot-outs to riding on horseback in the desert, there was something about the setting which was great to explore for gamers. But even though the game gave us tons of things to do, it could only be so immersive as a single player game.

Using the opposite concept, Wild West Online puts players in an open world with other player-controlled gunslingers. You’ll be able to choose from one of two rival factions when starting the game, working with teammates to take on your rivals in head-to-head shoot-outs. But side missions and other activities will be prevalent too, if you’re looking to play a few rounds of Texas Hold’em.

Through the game’s official websiteWild West Online is currently playable in its early access form. Those who purchase the full version now will be granted early access play, and will receive a Steam code to redeem once the game goes on sale. Its official release date is set for May 10th, 2018.

An all new trailer for game was also just released as well. You can check that out below!

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