It goes without saying that Return of the Living Dead 2 was not quite the success its predecessor was. The 1985 original from Dan O’Bannon is one of the most popular zombie movies of all time, holding an impressive 91% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Guess what rating the sequel has? That’s right — a 0% score. That’s quite the drop-off, to say the least.

But Return of the Living Dead 2 is one of many low-rated horror films to develop a cult following in the decades after its release. For years, many horror fans have been calling for an official Blu-ray release of the movie, and now Scream Factory is making those dreams come true. Announced officially on Facebook, the Blu-ray is currently set to arrive on August 14th.

Here are the early details on the release, from the Facebook post:

This will be branded as a “Collector’s Edition” that will come with a slipcover (guaranteed for three months after its original release date). U.S. and Canada territories (Region A).

• The newly-commissioned artwork pictured comes to us from Graham Humphreys (who also illustrated our original ROTLD cover back in 2016). This art will be front-facing and the reverse side of the wrap will the original theatrical poster design.

• Extras and specs are still in progress and will be announced later in early July. However, we can confirm today that we will be doing a brand-new HD film transfer and will be correcting the soundtrack issues that were present on the previous DVD release.

• National street date is planned for August 14th. However, if you pre-order now for early shipping directly from us, you will also receive an 18′ x 24″ rolled poster of the newly-commissioned art. We’ll be only be producing 1,000 of the posters so act fast!

To pre-order the Blu-ray or to find out more info, head on over to the official website!

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