The moment many Gotham fans have been waiting for since the very start of the series is finally here. The Joker himself has arrived!

In episodes past, Bruce Wayne’s nemesis Jerome Valeska was always assumed by viewers to be the show’s iteration of the Joker. It made sense, given the way he spoke and dressed. It seemed all that was missing was the green hair and clown makeup, and as the show progressed, fans wondered when the transition would finally play out on screen.

A storyline twist would reveal that Jerome isn’t the Joker at all – rather, it’s his twin brother Jeremiah. Though not as outwardly evil as his now-deceased brother, Jeremiah was afflicted with a toxin created specifically for him to turn him completely insane. The result, apparently, is Jeremiah officially becoming the Clown Prince of Crime!

In an all new trailer for the remaining episodes of the season, fans can get a great look at our new Joker. Portrayed by Cameron Monaghan, this Joker looks absolutely freaky, and quickly proves to be no less deadly than his brother. Though the trailer is just a few minutes long, it gives fans not only an excellent look at the new supervillain, but also what he’ll have in store for Jim, Bruce, and the rest of Gotham City.

Gotham returns on Thursday, May 10th, on Fox. Check out the all new trailer below!

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