If you’re keeping up with entertainment news, you may have been shocked about the recent round of cuts made at Fox. Neither comedies nor dramas were safe, as The Mick and The Last Man on Earth got the boot, as did The Exorcist and Lucifer. Despite its popularity, the network even got rid of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which has since been saved by NBC.

Gotham fans might be left wondering if the Batman prequel series will be the next one to go. While only the executives at Fox know the answer to that question right now, we can do our best to speculate about the show’s future. The fact of the matter is that ratings are still decent, but they’ve been falling each season since the show’s start.

Still, despite the declining ratings, the series seems to be improving in quality. Since Season 1, Gotham has been gradually climbing higher on the scoreboard at Rotten Tomatoes. Season 1 finished with a 78% fresh score (still good), while Season 4 is currently sitting at 92%. It’d be a shame to end things now, with the show finally finding its groove.

We’re at the stage in the story now where the Joker has been officially introduced, and Bruce’s transformation into the Dark Knight is being heavily teased. But will Fox be putting an end to Gotham right when the people of Gotham City need Batman most? Apparently, it can go either way, and Gotham‘s fate is resting solely on the survival of another series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the priority right now for Warner Bros. Television is with the new Lethal Weapon series. Word is, they’re trying to ink out a deal with a new star for the program, pending a renewal of the show. Per the report, Gotham will be renewed only if the deal with Lethal Weapon doesn’t work out.

At this point, it seems there’s a good chance we’ll never get to see David Mazouz as Bruce finally don the Batsuit. For fans watching since the beginning, that would obviously be a tremendous disappointment. I hate to wish for another series getting a premature boot – but I’ll definitely take more Gotham over Lethal Weapon. Fingers crossed.

Watch the preview for what could be the series finale of Gotham below.

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