Meet the Team

Melissa Hannon
Owner/Editor in Chief/Head Writer
I am the proud owner of! I love to cover indie films, games and comics. I'm a sucker for practical effects and 80's cheese. I'm also a Crypt TV family member and a Women in Horror Film Festival 2017 judge. Connect with me on Facebook and Twitter and let's talk horror, geek and gaming!
Brent Hannon
Site Design/Content Creator
I was raised on gaming and have a deep love for practical effects in films, especially sci-fi. Every now and again I like to think I have a decent sense of humor.
Curt Oglesbee
Lead Editor/Lead Writer
I love writing and I'm an avid film watcher, dating back to my horror-filled childhood. I'm a lover of cheese, both in cinema and edible form. I'm also a member of Crypt TV's Crypt Family.
Tori Danielle
Lead Writer
I've always been a HorrorGeek at heart and writing has always been a passion for me. It's been a dream come true writing and doing interviews for multiple sites, especially for HorrorGeekLife. I love everything horror, but indie films are a beautiful thing. I'm also a member of Crypt TV's Crypt Family!
Matt Aspin
Lead Writer
Geek. Coffee Drinker. Troll Hunter. Northerner. Owner of a beard, an attention seeking cat and 2 arsehole dogs.
Lead Writer/Editor
Silver Bullet enthusiast. Joe Bob Briggs disciple. Almost set Ted Raimi up on a blind date. Obsessed with Donald Pleasence and Everett McGill. Speak fluent movie quotes.
Jeff Widman
Even with a borderline unhealthy obsession with movies, my entertainment consumption does not display exclusivity. TV, video games, comics, books; my geekdom is without boundaries. Podcaster, writer for Sub-Cultured and HorrorGeekLife, and predominantly - a fan.
Tracy Allen
I sing, you sing, we all sing for icing! Or something like that. Tired of singing about frosting? Check out my other reviews on FB or see what inane babblings I've been sending on Twitter!
Michael Schwartz II
I grew up watching Godzilla, 80's horror, and exploitation films on VHS. I complain about some of the really weird ones on my YouTube show "Horror in Obscura with Michael Jay."
Melissa Papelbon
Lee Leclere
I'm a Yorkshire gamer who also dabbles with music, films, TV and sarcasm.
Mark Trammell
I am a graduate of the University of Birmingham and the Watkins Institute. I hold a MA in Creative Writing, a BA in English Literature, and an Associates in Film Studies in the field of Direction. I have written for Kaleidoscope, Rue Morgue, Film Equals, and I'm currently one of the resident television critics at TV Equals. You can see more of my work at
Donnie Keller
I'm an opinionated movie buff from New York. I can always tell you who that guy was from the flick about that thing from a few years back.
Tyson Hanks
I am a fan of horror—both literature and film.I am also a published author, and while I have yet to receive a literary award, I did get a gold star on a middle school English paper once. My work has been published in Sanitarium Magazine, as well as the World War I horror anthology “Kneeling in the Silver Light,” and my first novel, "Greetings from Barker Marsh," was released in September, 2016. Check out my site at
Amy Dunbar Page
I breathe TV shows, drink video games and eat movies. Writer, gamer, couldn't be lamer. All things geeky and horror are welcome here.
John Brian
Old school British gamer, very sarcastic and full of wit with a love for all things geek and gaming who also uploads to YouTube, time permitting.
Joseph Griffiths
Movies, television, video games and comic books. These things are serious business. Everything else is just put here by The Devil to test our faith.
Paul Bird
I'm an English geek. I love comics, video games, wrestling, TV and film. So basically all the good stuff.
Josh Brown
I like to write. Sometimes I write stories, sometimes I write articles. Sometimes I play video games and write reviews about them. You can find me on social media under @BlackWidowofLP.
Chip Gillock
I'm a movie/video game/music geek. I am also a member of the Twitch podcast 'The Geek Train,' which broadcasts live every Sunday.
Tom Harnett
Justin Corbett
I love Horror, Comic Books, Podcasts, and Metal Music... Also cats. I'm the host of the Mindfudge Comedy Podcast - a weekly show where we pick a theme and tell stories related to it. Check it out at I'm also the co-owner of Gray Bear Comics, and one of the creators of the horror/comedy "Speak No Evil"! Check it out at