Meet the Team

Melissa Ann
Owner / Editor-in-Chief / Podcast Host
Melissa is the proud owner of! She wrote for a few horror review sites before starting HorrorGeekLife, which combines her love of horror, geeking out and gaming. She is the host of The Horror Geek Podcast and a judge for the 2018 Women in Horror Film Festival.
Brent Hannon
Site Design
Brent was raised on gaming and has a deep love for practical effects in films, especially sci-fi.
Curt Oglesbee
Head Editor / Lead Writer
Curt has a vast knowledge of all film genres, with an emphasis on horror. He started reviewing films professionally in 2015 and now oversees all film reviews with HorrorGeekLife as Head Editor. He's also a lover of cheese, both in cinema and edible form.
Matt Aspin
Lead Writer / Instagram Guru
Geek. Coffee Drinker. Troll Hunter. Northerner. Owner of a beard, an attention seeking cat and 2 arsehole dogs.
Landon Evanson
Contributing Writer / Twitter Guru
Silver Bullet enthusiast. Joe Bob Briggs disciple. Almost set Ted Raimi up on a blind date. Obsessed with Donald Pleasence and Everett McGill. Speak fluent movie quotes.
Tori Danielle
Contributing Writer
Tori has always had a passion for horror and writing. She loves to focus on supporting indie, especially indie films.
Paul Bird
Contributing Writer
Paul is an English geek. I love comics, video games, wrestling, TV and film. So basically all the good stuff.
Donnie Keller
Contributing Writer
Donnie is an opinionated movie buff from New York. He can always tell you who that guy was from the flick about that thing from a few years back.
Scott Crawford
Contributing Writer
Scott is a horror movie enthusiast who is also co-host of The HorrorDrunks Podcast. He started playing video games on the Intellivision at a very young age. He now plays games on the PlayStation 4. He loves RPGs and action/adventure games.
Tyson Hanks
Contributing Writer
Tyson is a fan of horror— both literature and film. He is also a published author, and while he has yet to receive a literary award, he did get a gold star on a middle school English paper once. Tyson's work has been published in Sanitarium Magazine, as well as the World War I horror anthology “Kneeling in the Silver Light,” and his first novel, "Greetings from Barker Marsh," was released in September, 2016. Check out his site at
David Corley
Contributing Writer
Michelle Swope
Contributing Writer
In addition to being a contributing writer for, Michelle also writes film reviews and interviews for and Anatomy of a Scream. She loves indie horror and pastel hair color.
Aaron Posey
Contributing Writer
Rick Bryan
Contributing Writer
Rick loves horror and hates spoilers. He's been known to have significant meltdowns when someone ruins a movie in a review. He is also an avid gamer when time allows. Rick lives in Pittsburgh, the original zombie capital with his wife, Amy and two dogs. He also runs the spoiler-free horror review site,
Jason Lei Howden
Contributing Writer
In 2015 Jason Lei Howden released Deathgasm, which premiered at SXSW and went on to play in over 60 international film festivals. The film collected awards including Best Director at the Knoxville Horror Film Festival, Best Film at Toronto After Dark, and Best Feature Screenplay from the New Zealand Writers Guild. Although Deathgasm is Jason Lei Howden’s first feature film, the New Zealand native is no rookie in the movie industry. For six years, Howden worked for Peter Jackson’s NZ-based effects company WETA Digital as a VFX compositor. As a visual effects artist, Howden’s credits include work on the Hollywood productions The Avengers, Prometheus, The Hobbit Trilogy, The Great Gatsby, The Wolverine and War Of The Planet Of The Apes.