Independent comic creators Gray Bear Comics has released the first title in their new series- Speak No Evil.

unnamed2 Set in the 1930s, two mischievous brothers go on a joyride that ends with them hiding out in a mysterious cabin in the woods. Little do they know, the cabin was used for experiments by H.P. Lovecraft and Nikola Tesla years before. As they stumble across a large box in the basement, the issue ends before we see what horrors will be unleashed on them. However, we do get an idea of what’s to come in earlier scenes featuring Lovecraft and Tesla. The brothers will undoubtedly face off against demonic creatures, Ash style.

Since Speak No Evil is the first comic within the series, the story is brief, however it holds a lot of charm and fun for horror fans. Whether intended or not, I did see references from films Cabin in the Woods and Re-Animator. This comes as no surprise, however, considering both films have Lovecraftian roots. There is also quite a bit of dark humor throughout and the brothers are instantly likeable characters, even if they are committing criminal acts. They are seemingly a bit naive, but street smart and brave, so watching how they combat the mystery box to survive will be an enjoyable read for sure. I was definitely drawn in by the Lovecraft and Tesla scenes in the opening, and before the issue wraps up. I really hope Gray Bear continues to reveal more of their story line and the past history of the cabin.

395c5a2a47d3229006cc0d5bd28f832b_originalOf course, a great story is crucial in a comic, but so is the color and artwork. Well, all of the visuals are pretty kick ass throughout Speak No Evil. Based on the look, I would not have guessed that this was Gray Bear Comics’ first ever title. They obviously have a talented crew working on this series and I’m stoked to see more. I will continue to cover the series as more issues are added, so stay tuned!

4.5/5 stars

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