Okay, I’ll admit it. Ever since I played Until Dawn, I have been endlessly searching for a game with a similar premise. Upon my search, I stumbled across Gone Home– a first person game exploring a mansion and solving the mysterious disappearance of a young woman’s little sister. The trailer drew me in and I decided to give it a go.

The game takes place in 1995 and centers around a teenager named Liz who is just returning from a long Europe trip and while she was away, her family moved into a mansion passed down to them from a recently deceased relative. Upon arriving home, Liz finds out Sam, her little sister,  is gone and has no idea where she went. The objective of the game is to search the house for clues that may solve the puzzle behind Sam’s disappearance.


The house is large and full of hallways, secret compartments and plenty of objects to examine. The game is a bit spooky, but mostly just mysterious and intriguing. There aren’t a lot of “puzzles,” so to speak, to solve. It’s also not like one of those challenging hidden objects games where you have to put colors in a certain sequence or memorize a bunch of numbers and letters. The gameplay is rather simplistic and even a bit relaxing. Clues are pretty easy to locate, but I did still miss a few (and trust me, I’m thorough– I habitually opened every drawer and cabinet I came across.)


Now, this may or may not come off as a bit sexist, but I found the game to be a bit of a chick-flick. Like a less thrilling, more Lifetime-ish version of Life is Strange. And really, there is nothing wrong with that. I still thoroughly enjoyed Gone Home. My only complaint is that it was pretty short. I beat the game in only two hours and paid $20 for it. I suppose a movie is about two hours long but still, I would have hoped I could have gotten a bit more for my purchase.

In any event, Gone Home is a fun, moving story that will pull at your heartstrings and peak your curiosity. High recommend for fans of Until Dawn, Life is Strange and Firewatch.


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