Throughout my life, there have been many great television characters that I’ve become attached to. None, however, have meant as much to me as the pie lovin’, evil huntin’, people savin’, hero brother that is Dean Winchester.

Born to Mary and John Winchester on January 24th, 1979, Dean has suffered a lifetime of hardships that began when his mother was murdered by Azazel, a yellow-eyed demon. Never one to cower from those hardships, though, Dean remained a faithful and obedient son to John while also helping to care for his younger brother, fellow hunter and Men of Letters member, Sam Winchester.

From the young age of 6, Dean was beginning his preparation for the life of a hunter in the form of shooting practice with his father. According to Dean himself, he bulls-eyed every one of the bottle targets, making for one of the fondest memories of time spent with John in his youth. Dean used those skills and dedicated his life to saving people and hunting things, no matter what it cost him in the long run.

It wasn’t just the dedication to saving people, his witty (if only thought so by him) moments of comedy, obsession with classic rock, or his sweet-ass ride that transcended Dean Winchester from TV hero to role model for me, however. It was his refusal to put himself before his family.

Dean taught me that you can stare evil in the face, lose people you care about, and fail as all humans do, but that everything in the world would be just fine if you keep your family close by your side and close in your heart.

No matter how many times you die…

Dean Winchester  Sell your soul…

dean winchester Go through hell…

dean winchester  Or feel the weight of the world crashing down on you…

dean winchester

It’s going to be okay. 

Dean Winchester

 Thanks for making us believe that, Dean. Happy Birthday!


  1. Awesome write up. Jensen Ackles has done an incredible bringing Dean to life. He has so much personality and complexity that you’d think he was real.

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