Thunder. Thunder. ThunderCats are oooooooooold! That’s right, it’s time to start feeling your age folks, as today marks 32 years since the show first aired. That’s over a hundred years ago, in cat years!

Created by Ted Wolf and animated by Pacific Animation Corporation in Japan, the show ran between 1985 and 1989, and was a worldwide smash hit that rivaled the likes of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, especially in the playground.

If you can’t remember, or simply weren’t around for the show’s pilot, then fear not, as we here at Horror Geek Life are more than happy to help you relive those formative first moments when Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara, Snarf and WilyKit and Kat crash landed on Third Earth, escaping their own dying home planet and the pursuing armies of Plun-Darr. We’re also keen to point out that much of the pilot episode – which later became a straight to VHS movie called Exodus – was spent with the key protagonists walking around sans clothing, making for some very uncomfortable viewing. Well, unless you were a pre-teen male ogling Cheetara of course. There was nothing uncomfortable about that.

Over the course of four seasons, Lion-O, future Lord of the ThunderCats and his merry band of feline chums, went to battle with the minions of Mumm-Ra, a mummified sorcerer intent on getting his hands on Lion-O’s huge sword. Insert your own cheeky comment here.

The series would only be short-lived, which was the case with a lot of animations in the 1980’s. It would later be relaunched in 2011, and despite a lot of fanfare from fans, and promotion by the network airing it, it lasted all of 1 season. The Eye of Thundera didn’t see that one coming, did it?

But we’re not here to talk about all that. Instead let’s remember the show for what it was: a kick ass action adventure with naked cat people, and a totally awesome theme tune.

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