It has been 2 days since the world learned that legend of the gaming world, Masaya Nakamura, had sadly died on January 22nd, aged 91.

Nakamura, who was still thought to be actively involved with his company, founded what is now Namco way back in 1955, and is often credited as being the father of Pac-Man, perhaps making him the most successful games developer of all time.

The company originally began its life as a Toyko-based amusement ride company, before moving into amusement arcade machine manufacturing 3 years later.

As well as the little yellow ghost muncher, Nakamura and his team were responsible for such iconic games as Galaxian (1979), Dig Dug (1982), Pole Position (1982), Ridge Racer (1993), and Tekken, alongside Bandai, who Namco merged with in 2005.

A press release revealed Nakamura had actually died several days earlier, but they wanted to allow family and friends time to mourn before breaking the news to the rest of us.

On behalf of HorrorGeekLife, I’d like to say: Thank you Nakamura San. Sayonara.

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