We all love to hate a good villain. They make the story more interesting and you can’t have a good guy without a bad one, right? Well, since it’s Women in Horror Month, I’ve decided to recognize all the badass female Disney Villains and wow…there are a lot. I guess Disney has a thing for women antagonists. But hey, works for me!

Parents are always worried about exposing their kids to horror movies at a young age, but let’s just be honest, some of these Disney villains give horror icons a run for their money. They can be downright brutal and depraved. On that note, here are 8 Female Disney Villains that could/should have their own horror movie!

Madame Medusa – The Rescuers

Her story: She finds out about a giant diamond that resides in a cave, but it’s too narrow for her or anyone she knows. So, she steals an orphan, forces her down the cave, and takes her teddy bear hostage – all just for the diamond.

Medusa is downright evil and, with a name like that, would you expect anything less? Her appearance represents her personality completely: disheveled fiery red hair, scaly green eyes, and sluggish body. Her character reminds me of a mix of Cruella De Vil and Ursula. It’s almost like a cartoon version of Annie, except viler and no rich white bald man. She could totally have her own movie.

Ursula – The Little Mermaid

Her story: Ursula wants to rule the ocean and she’ll do anything to make her dream come true. This includes tricking King Triton’s daughter, Ariel, into giving up her fins for legs and signing a soul-stealing contract.

Ursula screams evil and is one of the most badass Disney villains ever. She takes everything from Ariel – her voice, fins, lover, and even her father’s ocean – all without blinking an eye or feeling any remorse. Maybe she was just lonely, jealous, and seeking revenge. Either way, I’d totally watch a horror movie starring this glorious squid.

Trivia Question: Who is the real person that Ursula’s look is based on?

Gothel – Rapunzel 

Her Story: Gothel steals Rapunzel when she is a baby so that she can have eternal youth, brought on by Rapunzel’s magic hair. Out of fear of losing her youth, she never lets her leave the tower. It’s not until years later that Rapunzel finds out that her mom is really the queen and the reality of the situation.

What a vain woman Gothel is! All that just so she can look young forever and ditch the gray hairs? She eventually gets what’s coming for her times 10 at the end.

 Lady Tremaine – Cinderella

Her story: Lady Tremaine, aka the Wicked Stepmother, marries Cinderella’s father. Soon after he dies, she lets her two daughters live a life of luxury, meanwhile treating Cinderella as a slave.

This chick is horrifying, giving stepmothers a bad name since 1950. She most likely killed Cinderella’s father, or had something to do with his death. If that’s not bad enough, she turns her daughter into a slave that no one knows about. Plus, when she discovers that the prince’s missing sweetheart is none other than her stepdaughter, she locks Cinderella away in the basement. How fucked up is that? I can just imagine her yelling, “No wire hangers ever!”

Trivia Question: What movie is that quote from?

Maleficent – Sleeping Beauty

Her story: In the original story, Maleficent is the Mistress of All Evil. Upset that she was not invited to a christening for the infant Princess Aurora, she puts a wicked curse on her. The curse says “she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die before the sun sets on Aurora’s sixteenth birthday.”

Okay, it’s pretty harsh to bestow a death wish on an infant just to get back at the parents, but I guess Maleficent doesn’t let go of grudges easily. I best like the version of her from the 2014 film starring Angelina Jolie. She was still evil, yes, but it explained why, and I love a good backstory. Although she’s already had her own movie, I wouldn’t mind seeing a darker version.

Queen of Hearts – Alice in Wonderland

Her story: The Queen of Hearts, aka the Red Queen, has a serious temper problem. It doesn’t matter how small or large a situation is, if she doesn’t agree or doesn’t want to deal with it, a death sentence is bound to happen. “Off with their heads!”

Damn lady, what’s your obsession with heads? If this was a horror movie, I could just see her collecting all the heads of people she killed. Kind of like the Governor in The Walking Dead. She would have her own closet full of trophy heads. Creepy, but brilliant.

The Queen – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Her story: Another incredibly vain female Disney villain. The Queen wants to be the fairest of them all, so when the mirror tells her that Snow White is indeed that person, she sends a hunter to kill her and bring back her heart. When she finds out he didn’t really kill her, she turns into her evil witch form and tricks Snow White into eating a poisoned apple.

All of that just to be the fairest in the land? I’m guessing she had daddy issues, mommy issues or both. Instead of working on herself, which of course would require too much effort, she attempts to kill a young girl who hasn’t a clue, nor does she care, about being “the fairest.” Although I’ve seen many different versions of Snow White, I would love a version that tells the Queen’s story in a brutal and dark way.

Trivia Question: In what horror film are evil and malicious critters watching Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?

Cruella de Vil – 101 Dalmatians

Her story: Cruella de Vil has an obsession with fur coats because they have made her rich and spoiled. When she desires a fur coat made from Dalmations, she offers a couple money for their newborn puppies, however, they decline. She then takes the situation into her own hands and kidnaps the puppies, along with many others.

Cruella makes the top of my female Disney villains list because we’re talking about murdering animals for their fur here. I mean come on, how evil can you get? It’s even in her name! Cruella de Vil= Cruel and Evil. When I think back to watching this as a little girl, I don’t think I fully grasped what Cruella’s plans were. I didn’t like that the parents were separated from their babies, but the reality is far more brutal and evil. It would actually make a great horror story, but probably one that I wouldn’t watch because I don’t do well with animal cruelty.

disney villainsI would like to honorably mention two other  kickass Disney villains: Yzma (The Emperor’s New Grove) and Madam Mim (The Sword and the Stone). Although I think they’re tame compared to some other villains, they’re still a hoot and classic women antagonists!

I hope you like the list! Let us know your favorites and which others are worthy of a horror movie. Also, if you know the answers to the trivia questions, leave us a comment or share other fun ones!

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