Streets of Rogue is a chaotically fun rogue-lite game which involves the player delving deeper through the procedurally generated dungeon-like system, collecting weapons and completing quests.

Pick a Class, Any Class:

The character selection is interesting, each having traits which can influence the game differently depending on what gets generated on the level. The characters have obvious flaws and benefits to play around with, and it can be incredibly fun to accidentally stumble upon an opposing gang as the gang member and have it result in an all out brawl!

The amount of playable classes is fine and more can be unlocked through progression and completing fun side quests that you find along the way. Each are wildly different with unique, crazy backstories.

Streets of Rogue
Image by Matt Dabrowski

How is it?

I’ll initially say that this game is pure fun. You can stick to the quests or roam and find the hidden items or missions dotted around. Stealth is key early on before you’re geared up, otherwise you’ll often run into chaos and be overwhelmed very quickly.

As you progress, some levels have ongoing threats such as bomb-drops and radiation. You can use these to your advantage or get constantly screwed over by the bomb-drops killing your escorts.

There’s a real Miami Vice style of music that compliments the chaos by giving it a rhythm and it results in giving the game a great flow.

Streets of Rogue is the type of game that you can lose hours in just messing around and fiddling with the mechanics. It’s a great indie game filled with problem solving, unique items and wild weapons. I found myself playing this game in short bursts in between longer sessions or queue times for other games. If that’s what you’re looking for, this game could fill that hole.

For extra madness you can play local or online multiplayer up to four players. In the multiplayer, the chaos ensues massively but beware of friendly fire!

With developer support and more content on the way, this could be a great time killer. Pick it up now on Steam for £9.89 or your local equivalent.

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