Young Adult book film adaptations are all the craze these days. Some films are more noteworthy than others, and Before I Fall is one that shouldn’t be skipped. As a reader of the book by Lauren Ashley, I was a bit skeptical that a film could pull off a successful live retelling. However, director Ry Russo-Young has definitely done the novel justice.  

Before I Fall

Centered around a young “mean girl” named Sam, Before I Fall explores the realm of death and becoming a better person. Sam is forced to relive the day that she dies over and over again, stuck in an infinite time loop so to speak, in order to figure out how to make things right. Zoey Deutch was flawless in her performance as Sam, while Halston Sage and Elena Kampouris shined as well.  

The four best friends had amazing chemistry, portraying the close-knit friendships some of us may have had in high school. While the spark between Sam and Kent was a little lackluster, the rest of the cast seemed to run smoothly together.

Before I Fall

Of course, there were several changes made to the film. Whether they’re small details or major plot points, the film was still well put-together. I fully understand that you cannot include every part of a book in a movie, but some important, relevant scenes that were cut may have helped the non-book readers appreciate and understand the film more. It would have been interesting to see Juliet’s family pan out in the adaptation as well as the day Sam stole her mother’s credit card and spent the afternoon spontaneously shopping and partying with a different group of friends.

The soundtrack of Before I Fall is amazing. I loved that they included “Skeletons” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, which is one of my personal favorites. I definitely wish an official soundtrack was released because I heard some great tunes in the film. The soundtrack tied nicely into the atmosphere, which was mysterious, beautiful and even somewhat cozy.

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