Last month will probably go on record as the most loaded March across all mediums. Video games, films, and TV series’ premieres ran amok and destroyed our free time. As I briefly peel myself away from Dallas International Film Festival (DIFF) screenings, let’s look at the April 2017 films that are most likely to tickle one’s fancy.

Outside of these 8 films, you still have Fate of the FuriousThe TransfigurationBorn in ChinaThe Circle, and so many more that could pass the time in an enjoyable fashion. Enjoy this somewhat-quiet month of content before the summer movie season further dismantles your spare time.


1. Colossal

Release Date: April 7th

Among the first April 2017 films mentioned, we’ve all encountered Gloria’s (Anne Hathaway) string of bad luck at some point in our lives. She loses her job and her boyfriend in Colossal, but unlike our reality, she’s somehow connected to a Kaiju that’s laying waste to Seoul, South Korea. Jason Sudeikis, Dan Stevens, and Simon Pegg co-star in this unheard-of sci-fi/comedy blend. Colossal‘s undeniable uniqueness is what justifies its placement on this list.


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