In celebration of the wonderful Adam Scott for his birthday, we thought it fitting to discuss the goddamn geeky hunk of a romantic hero character that he’s best known for, Jacques from Hellraiser: Bloodline.

ben wyatt

Okay, okay. It’s obviously Ben Wyatt.

Making his Parks and Recreation debut at the end of season two, Ben quickly became a fan-favorite upon being upgraded to a series regular in the following season. Hailing from Partridge, Minnesota, Ben Wyatt became the mayor of his town at the young age of 18 based on the strength of “anti-establishment voter rebellion.” Though Ben is glaringly perfect in nearly every possible way (But let’s not overlook his confusion over Pawnee’s love of Li’l Sebastian), his inexperience did him no favors in running a town, as he quickly ruined the finances of Partridge, particularly when he elected to develop a winter sports complex known as “Ice Town” which saw the town go bankrupt, resulting in his impeachment after only two months.

After performing as a DJ during his college years, Ben Wyatt became an accountant – a career that eventually led him to Pawnee, Indiana, the pride of his eventual lover/world’s greatest person, Leslie Knope. Ben is teased initially by the Parks crew due to his affinity for geek culture (he’s the most realistic “geek” in TV history, tbh), particularly Star Wars and Game of Thrones, and his uptight demeanor. However, Wyatt quickly becomes beloved by the characters and audience alike.

Though the two butt heads upon meeting, the romantic relationship between Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope serves as a cornerstone for the infectious sweetness of Parks and Recreation. Whereas Knope is constantly on the ecstatic, ultra-prepared to accomplish everything ever side of things, Ben is grounded and realistic. They are truly two halves of a whole, and the love between these characters makes even the harshest of us (me) want to find a romance such as theirs.

Whether he’s making us proud to be a geek, causing our jaws to drop and verbally “awww” over the things he says and does to prove his unconditional love for Leslie, creating the greatest damn board game in the history of games, or making us crave a calzone (though it’ll likely betray us in the end), there’s no denying that Ben Wyatt is people goals. We’re beyond grateful to Adam Scott for giving us such a lovely character. Happy Birthday, sir.

ben wyatt

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