Under the Milky Way has announced that the 2015 French comedy The New Adventures of Aladdin is coming to VOD on Tuesday, May 16. The film was directed by Arthur Benzaquen and written by Daive Cohen.

The New Adventures of Aladdin

On Christmas Eve, Sam (Kev Adams) and his best friend Khalid (William Lebghil) both dress up as Santa Claus to steal everything they can at their local department store. Quickly, Sam is stopped by a group of children asking for a story… the story of Aladdin. Or his own version of it. In Aladdin’s shoes, Sam embarks on a journey that will take him to the heart of the city of Baghdad, a place of infinite wonders.
Unfortunately, behind the picture-perfect setting, people are suffering from the tyranny of the terrible Vizir (Jean-Paul Rouve), known for his ferocity and questionable breath. Helped by his Genie (Eric Judor), will the young thief Aladdin be able to thwart the evil plans of Vizir, save Khalid and conquer the heart of the princess Shallia (Vanessa Guide)?

The New Adventures of Aladdin is coming to VOD on all major platforms including: iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Microsoft, Vudu, Comcast, Charter, Cox, Verizon, Vimeo, and various other cable operators. The film will be dubbed into English and French, with English subtitles.


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