Ya know…there really aren’t enough caveman movies. Hollywood should probably do something about that. Even if they do, it’s doubtful that anything will ever compare to the cult comedy Encino Man, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Encino Man was directed by Les Mayfield and was released on May 22, 1992. It follows the story of two geeky friends, Dave (Sean Astin) and Stoney (Pauly Shore), who discover a frozen caveman (Brendan Fraser) in Dave’s backyard. After teaching him basic skills and naming him Link, Dave decides to use him to gain popularity and fame. He hopes to win the heart of Robin (Megan Ward), the girl he’s been longing for ever since he was a kid. However, things don’t go according to plan and become slightly messy. 

Although Encino Man received mostly negative reviews from critics, that didn’t hurt its blockbuster status. The film made over $9,866,120 on its opening weekend, ranking as 4th at the box office, and grossed over $40 million overall. Over the years it’s gained cult classic status. Not too shabby!

It’s a comedy that the whole family can enjoy through heartfelt moments, lovable characters, and oodles of memorable one-liners. The three main characters- Dave, Stoney, and Link- are the perfect trio… each bringing something special to the table. As Link gets introduced to the new world, he has Dave and Stoney there to teach him new things, like the 4 basic food groups: dairy (milk duds), fruit (sweet tarts), vegetable (corn nuts), and meat (burritos). I can’t forget to mention Michael DeLuise, who plays the token d-bag.

Link is by far my favorite character, though. How could you not love this happy-go-lucky caveman? For me, it’s one of Brenden Fraser’s best roles.

Favorite Moments:

  • Link attacking a garbage truck with a shovel.
  • Link seeing fire from a lighter.
  • When Link eats the dog food.
  • When they are at the roller skating rink and Link is drawing boobs with ketchup and mustard.
  • When Dave and Link get arrested.
  • Stoney teaches Link his “special” language and the 4 food groups.
  • The Cavewoman at the end shows up and Stoney and Link find her in the bathtub.
  • The dance scene at the prom.

Favorite Quotes:

  • “No weezing the ju-uice!”
  • “She finds you crusty, Dave.”
  • “Bud-dy!”
  • “Check out Fresh Nugs, wheezin’ the juice…”
  • “The cheese is old and moldy.”
  • “The only thing you ever cared about Stoney was nugs, chillin’ and grindage.”

Fun Facts:

  • The dog food Link eats is actually Cookie Crisp.
  • Jonathan Ke Quan and Sean Astin appeared on-screen together briefly in this movie. This is the only time any of the original cast members of The Goonies appeared on screen together.
  • This was the film debut of Rose McGowan.
  • Link made a cameo appearance Son-in-Law, which also stars Pauly Shore. Fraser also briefly appeared as a soldier with the name “Link” in In the Army Now starring Shore.
  • Instead of buying their clothes for the film, Astin and Shore’s clothes were custom-made while Fraser was given extra baggy clothes to compliment his height.

Overall, Encino Man is such a fun film that gets better every time I watch it. I can’t believe it’s already been out for  25 years! It’s a film that I really hope younger generations will have a chance to enjoy. What’s your favorite part of Encino Man? Let us know!

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