When Amazon announced it was rebooting The Tick, we practically peed our pants with excitement. So you can probably imagine what happened when we heard the first full season was finally here, and a trailer was being released. Let’s just say the laundry bill at Horror Geek Life HQ is going to be pretty high this month!

Anyway, where were we? Oh yes, The Tick. Created by Ben Edlund (Gotham, Supernatural, Firefly) waaaaay back in time (around 1986), The Tick is an incredibly large man who runs around The City in blue spandex, fighting crime and yelling obscenities like “Spoon!”. Alongside his long-suffering sidekick Arthur, the Big Blue Bug of Justice, has been on the pop culture periphery for decades, appearing in comic books, video games and his own animated TV series. There was even a live-action 2001 series, starring Patrick Warburton, which was inexplicably cancelled after just one season.

Well now he’s back, and this time he’s Peter Serafinowicz! Yep, the same guy who voiced Darth Maul, and appeared as a naked zombie in Shaun of the Dead, is now your new favourite superhero. Think Deadpool, but without the R rating.

The rebooted Tick will run for 12 episodes, and air as a two part series. Amazon will host the first half of the season from August 25th, with the second half airing some time in 2018.

Check out the trailer below. We dare you not to be excited.

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