Patrick Brice‘s Creep┬árests in the upper echelon of found footage flicks. Balancing dark, awkward humor with realistic tension and an unforgettable performance from Mark Duplass as the titular creep, the film earned praise from critics and fans alike. When news broke of a sequel being made, we were excited to learn that Duplass would again step into the role (Hopefully bringing Peachfuzz with him), and now Duplass himself has announced that Creep 2 has wrapped filming and is coming soon.

Directed by Patrick Brice from a story by Brice and Duplass, the 2014 film follows Aaron (Brice), a videographer who answers an odd Craigslist ad that was created by Josef (Duplass). Upon meeting Josef, Aaron slowly learns that the man is not who he seems to be.

The sequel stars Desiree Akhavan and Karan Soni in addition to Duplass. There is not yet a release date.

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