Deadline has exclusively revealed that Martin Scorsese is teaming with Todd Phillips (The Hangover trilogy) and Scott Silver to produce a standalone origin story for The Joker, without the involvement of Jared Leto or the DCEU. The film is being scripted by Phillips and Silver, with Phillips set to direct the feature.

The standalone film will be the first film under a new unnamed banner that will allow WB to expand the canon of DC properties and create unique stories with different actors playing the iconic characters.

martin scorsese
You won’t be seeing this face in the origin film.

According to Deadline, the film will be set in Gotham City during the early 1980’s, and that it will be a gritty crime film. Sounds like the perfect project for Martin Scorsese to involve himself with, right? Phillips and Silver are currently working on the script, but it hasn’t been confirmed where exactly the origin story will fit into DC’s schedule.

Are you excited to see a Joker origin story from Todd Phillips and the legendary Martin Scorsese? Who would you like to see cast as the infamous villain? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

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