ChromaGun is a beautiful indie, paint-splattering puzzle game from Pixel Maniacs that has you color your way through deadly challenges disguised as “tests.”

Hello and welcome to ChomaTec (not to be confused or associated with Aperture Science, Inc. in any way), you are now the “willing” test subject of the ChromaGun! Don’t think that you are qualified? Considering you more than likely progressed through preschool, you know colors and are more than certified!

ChromaTech welcomes you!

Now that we have the formalities out of the way, let’s get to the meat and potatoes. I’m just kidding, there are no meat and potatoes…only cake (you didn’t get it from me!). You play as John who is, apparently, a willing test subject starting his first day at ChromaTec. Things start out fairly easy going with a charismatic voice guiding you through the test.

In short time, you are lead to your first design of the ChromaGun. This paint pistol only fires yellow colored goops as the voice explains the basics of these challenges. Once you get adept with the basic yellow splats, you quickly up your acrylic arsenal with the multicolored gun. This is where the fun, and challenges, begin!

Lets Chromarize!

As the test begins, you need to navigate your way through each chamber that leads to an exit. It’s not as easy as it sounds. There are WorkerDroids throughout the chambers that are attracted to the panels of the same color as them, however, some aren’t so nice. Utilizing this mechanic, you manipulate the WorkerDroids to activate door triggers. It gets a lot more challenging as the levels progress. Using your advanced color knowledge, you can mix your 3 basic primary colors to make secondary ones. This adds a new dynamic to the challenging trials ahead.

Droids going to their color homes.

Matching your WorkerDroid to colored panels to active door triggers isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. Early on and through out the trials, you will encounter DEADLY electrified plates, do NOT step on them, they are deadly… Progressing into ChromaGun you will notice more things to annoy and enhance the difficulty of solving puzzles. Adding up all the variables, ChromaGun can become very challenging at times and get your brain electrons activated!

Droids. Triggers. Electric Traps. OH MY!

ChromaGun has been compared to Portal many times, and yes it is a bit similar, however, I find ChromaGun to be more entertaining and a blast to play. The smooth graphics and colorful aesthetics alone make it worth playing. There’s humor, challenging puzzles, enjoyable background music, stuff trying to kill you…whats not to love?

The PS4 light bar changing colors to the color your gun has selected was a pretty unexpected and cool feature. I also liked having the sound coming from the speaker in the PS4 controller. These are functions I wish more titles would integrate into games.


Johnny Stone does a fantastic job sucking you in as the only voice you will hear in ChromaGun. This nameless voice resembles Patrick Warburton (Family Guy, Seinfeld) with a mix of personality from Dameon Clarke (Handsome Jack in Borderlands 2). It’s just a shame there is a chunk of game time without Stone’s dialogue.

Doge and other tidbits.

ChromaGun is a very fun and challenging game. However, it suffers from short gameplay. Only taking a short 5 hours to complete (with unlocking all achievements), as well as a poor replay value. These negatives are only a small criticism as you can purchase ChromaGun on the PlayStation Store for the low price of $14.99. That is definitely worth it!

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