As a longtime fan of Chris Stuckmann’s YouTube channel, I can attest to the critic’s vast knowledge of cinema, as well as his love for the horror genre. Like many content creators, film-making is the ultimate dream for Stuckmann, evidenced by his numerous short films and his extended reviews and retrospectives, and his latest project, Auditorium 6, is poised to be his biggest as a filmmaker thus far.

Written, directed, and edited by Chris Stuckmann, Auditorium 6 is a horror/comedy that stars Stuckmann’s friend and collaborator Matthew Brando, Katelynn E. Newberry, and Rob Grant III. Clocking in at 35 minutes, the short film follows Brando’s janitor character during his first night alone in a haunted movie theater. The director announced the film tonight via Twitter, stating that the project is currently in post-production, but should be completed by October.

Auditorium 6 will begin a local festival run soon, with intentions for the short to expand to theaters nationwide. Fans of Stuckmann, as well as the horror genre, will want to stay tuned to the filmmaker’s social media accounts to find out when and where the film will be playing. For now, though, check out the official poster below!

Stuckmann is no stranger to taking on ambitious projects, having already published an incredibly thoughtful book, The Film Buff’s Bucket List: The 50 Movies of the 2000s to See Before You Die. I’m a huge fan of Stuckmann’s work as a critic, filmmaker and writer, so I’m pretty damn stoked for this. Leaving favoritism at the door and judging solely based on his cinema expertise, you should be to.

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