Destiny 2 released earlier this week and, right off the top, I will say that I was not disappointed. The opposite was true, however, when Destiny was released, with many players left wanting more after finishing the campaign. The lack of story was one of the biggest issues. That was something that Bungie tried to rectify with various expansions that would be released over the next two years. The major difference with Destiny 2 is that there is a story, and a good one.

The story begins with the tower of the Last City being under attack by The Red Legion. They’re an elite faction of Cabal Empire that are merciless as they sack and pillage all galaxies they cross. Their commander, an enormous Cabal by the name of Dominus Ghaul has arrived to take the Traveler’s light and ending the Guardians while making himself immortal. Queue the first mission where you have to stop the Cabal from taking the Traveler’s light. Arriving too late and having Ghaul cast you from his ship with no light or powers, a new story begins.

I immediately got taken in by the story and became immersed in my hatred for Ghaul, which only fueled my desire to play in an attempt to vanquish this abomination from the galaxy. If it sounds pretty intense, that’s because it is. In addition to the new story, Bungie also came through in patching issues that plagued many players in the first Destiny.

The loot system, while still RNG-based (Random Number Generation), is better and more generous than the first game. There are loot chests everywhere with many ways to earn loot in the game. Public events, Strikes, The Crucible and patrol missions all return from the original game. In addition, there are roaming VIP targets and challenges that can be completed to earn additional loot.

The goods don’t end there. Bungie has planned a full month of additions for Destiny 2, which kicked off last week.

Sept. 5th: 

  • Nightfall: The Arms Dealer – Modifiers: Prism, Time warp: Killing Time
  • Flashpoint: EDZ

Sept. 12th:

  • Nightfall: The Inverted Spire – Modifiers: Momentum, Time warp: Rings
  • Nightfall Guided Games beta begins
  • Flashpoint: Nessus

Sept. 13th:

  • Leviathan raid launches

Sept. 15th:

  • Trials of the Nine begins – Game type: Countdown, Map: Eternity
  • Xur returns

Sept. 19th:

  • Nightfall: Exodus Crash – Modifiers: Attrition, Time warp: Anomalies
  • Flashpoint: Io

Sept. 22nd:

  • Trials of the Nine – Game type: Survival, Map: Altar of Flame
  • Xur returns

Sept. 26th:

  • Nightfall: The Pyramidion – Modifiers: Torrent, Time warp: Zero Hour
  • Flashpoint: Titan
  • Leviathan Raid Guided Games begins
  • Faction Rally begins

Sept. 29th:

  • Trials of the Nine – Game type: Survival, Map: Emperor’s Respite
  • Xur returns

One week is behind us, but there is still a lot to look forward to! Have fun and see you on the battlefield.

Destiny 2

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