In today’s crazy, unexpected new, Jamie Lee Curtis is returning to the Halloween franchise for Blumhouse’s 2018 sequel. WHAT? Excuse me while I scream giddily.

The production company has revealed that Curtis will be starring in the sequel as her original character, releasing this promo image of the actress and Michael Myers along with it. Fret not, this likely isn’t the final look of either character.

jamie lee curtis

I’m not going to lie, I have no idea how this is going to work. One has to assume that this means the entire franchise, past Halloween II of course, will be deemed irrelevant.¬†Creator John Carpenter will be producing the film, and rumors suggest that he will be contributing to the score.

The film is being written by Danny McBride and David Gordon Green with Green directing, and is set for release on October 19th, 2018!

What do you think of the shocking reveal? Are you excited for the return of Laurie Strode? Sound off in the comments!

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