The Halloween franchise is my favorite series of horror films, so believe me when I say that I’m every bit as hyped for the 2018 installment as everyone else. The film has spent a significant amount of time in the news this year, beginning with the announcement that it is being directed by David Gordon Green from a script by himself and Danny McBride, and most recently when it was announced that Judy Greer is in negotiations to join the cast. In between these headlines, of course, we had John Carpenter praising the story idea, the filmmakers suggesting that it’s a direct sequel to 1981’s Halloween II, and most surprisingly, the news that Jamie Lee Curtis would be reprising her role as Laurie Strode. Where, though, does that leave the franchise?

Here’s what we know so far. Next year’s installment is, again, changing the continuity of the series. Everything past Halloween II will essentially be irrelevant as far as this specific timeline is concerned. Green and McBride intend to do away with the supernatural aspect of Michael Myers, as much of the horror in John Carpenter’s original film stems from the feeling that this could actually happen. While I’m all for this change, especially if it allows the filmmakers to stick to their specific vision for the franchise, it poses several questions that are honestly scrambling my mind. Before I take you down this rabbit hole with me, I must note that these things may in fact be addressed by Green and McBride in the 2018 sequel, and could eventually make sense. My faith and support in these filmmakers remains unwavering, but damn do I have some questions.

So, bear with me.

The crew behind Halloween 2018.

Jamie Lee Curtis is 58 years old, two years older than her character, Laurie Strode. Judy Greer, who is in talks to play the daughter of Laurie, is 42. While Greer is quite capable of playing several years younger than her real age, it needs to remain in the mid-thirties ballpark in order to stay believable. Basically, the point of this is that the film will need to take place in 2017/2018 if Green and McBride want us to buy into the characters.

With that in mind, let’s discuss Michael Myers. Stripped of all his supernatural abilities, which include his incredible strength and ability to heal from things, the killer is simply a troubled human. At the end of Halloween II, if you recall, Myers was incinerated. Without those supernatural abilities, and since the character isn’t dead, we are left to assume that Michael suffered from significant injuries during the event. You don’t simply walk away from that kind of thing without an extensive amount of care, which would mean that Michael Myers had to have been taken into custody by the authorities, nursed back from the brink of death, and likely placed in a maximum security mental institution.

Let’s consider for a moment, though, that rather than being taken in, Michael Myers managed to escape. This route would pose many more questions than answers. Questions such as: How did he survive without the proper attention to his injuries? Where did he go after getting all burned up? What has the physically destroyed Michael Myers been doing since that night in 1978? Did he lay low, heal from his burns, get a job and become a functional member of society? That’s doubtful, and let’s face it, you can’t survive in this economy without consistent income. Does that mean that Myers is killing people and taking their money? Though that’s more likely than him working, it’s hardly believable that he could keep this up for 39 years without being caught. So, for the sake of this discussion, we’ll just assume that the first scenario in which Michael is taken into custody holds true.

Still, 39 years is quite a long time, especially when you take Michael’s age into account.


Michael Myers was born October 19th, 1957, which makes him 60 years old in just a few days. SIXTY. Stripped of all supernatural abilities, this means that Michael Myers is just a somewhat elderly guy- which is actually hilarious to think about. Unless Michael has been building his body like Stephen Lang in the 39 years that have passed since the end of Halloween II, there’s not a chance that he’s intimidating anymore- and that’s without even factoring in that he’s severely burned and likely disabled to a degree because of it.

Perhaps David Gordon Green and Danny McBride have crafted a story that allows these concerns to make sense. They’re immensely talented, so I would expect nothing less from them. On paper, however, Michael Myers should be a 60 year old man with extreme health concerns- a far cry for the shape that we’re expecting.

EDIT: It’s been noted that in my rambling, I failed to mention that Michael Myers was also shot in the eyes at the end of Halloween II. So there’s also that.


  1. BTK Killer Dennis Rader was in his sixties when caught. Would you argue that the capturing, binding, torturing, and killing of physically capable adults was weakly/under-done by Rader, who was the same age as Myers will be in the film?

  2. Seriously, quit worrying dude. Lets see ewhat they come up with. Can’t you just be happy that somebody is having fun with this great property. It will never take anything away from the original movie. Exciting times.

  3. All these are great questions and good comments on the believability of this. These are all questions I have had since I heard about this being movie being made. I’m not worried I believe they will do the movie justice but don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions! Nice article man!!

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