October 17th is National Pasta Day, and we’re celebrating this sacred twenty-four hours by taking a look at the secret, special bond between one of horror’s greatest villains and a tasty Italian dish.

jason voorhees

Jason Voorhees’ love for spaghetti began at an early age, and although you don’t get a glimpse of this in the Friday the 13th films, it’s a passion that is prevalent in his everyday life. At only seven months of age, Jason’s loving mother, Pamela, prepared the dish, popped a bib on the boy, and set him down for a life-altering treat. Indicated by the picture above, the blood on Jason’s hands indeed had roots of its own.

Before he was old enough to properly grip a machete, Jason Voorhees had become a pasta connoisseur. While casually speaking to our source some time before her death, Pamela recounted:

“There was a point in Jason’s life where I would just cook spaghetti. Three times a day, seven days a week. It was enough pasta to drive a woman crazy. (Laughs) It’s all he would eat, though. My sweet, sweet boy. It’s all he would eat.”

jason voorhees
Pamela Voorhees happily cutting open a pack of hamburger meat to mix in with the spaghetti sauce.

As a child, Jason learned to prepare the famous pasta dish for himself. During the summer months, he’d spend countless hours in the kitchen, helping Pamela prepare spaghetti for the kids of Camp Crystal Lake. In fact, though Friday the 13th would lead you to believe that Jason was being bullied for his deformities, it actually stems from his obsession with the pasta.

When interrogated by the police after Jason’s drowning, an anonymous attendee of the camp stated:

“We didn’t mean to push him over the edge. The kid was a freak who loved spaghetti, but I didn’t want him to, like, die or anything.”

jason voorhees

Though his childhood was cut tragically short, Jason’s love for spaghetti continued behind the scenes of his teen-slashing adulthood. While dudes and babes were off getting high and having sex in the woods of Camp Crystal Lake, Voorhees was hitting up the kitchen, attaining the mandatory amount of pasta-related energy to briskly walk and catch up to the fastest of runners.

These days, Jason can be found living a quiet life on the grounds of the camp. Though he doesn’t kill as often, we’d like to imagine that his pasta love is as prevalent as ever. We sent our top journalist to solicit a spaghetti quote from Mr. Voorhees, but we haven’t seen or heard from them in several days.

It’s probably just a coincidence.


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