The Walking Dead begins its eighth season on Sunday, October 22nd, and we have a few speculations as to who might not make it through the sixteen episode stretch. Given the fresh optimistic tone that was established in the closing moments of season seven, I’d be shocked if any of the good guys die in the premiere episode. However, this is still the show that graphically detailed a fan-favorite character’s head-bashing death last season, so it’s doubtful that The Walking Dead remains happy for a long period of time.

Here are five characters that may be on the verge of death:


Either Dwight or Daryl are going to die this season, and let’s face it, it’s not going to be Daryl Dixon. Several aspects of Norman Reedus’ character seem to have been modeled after Dwight from the comics, and now that they’re batting for the same team, it’s doubtful that both remain alive throughout the “all out war” story arc. I personally love the self-conflict that Austin Amelio brings to the role of Dwight, but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he doesn’t make it out of season eight.


I’m not entirely sold that Rosita will die this season, nor can I be persuaded that she won’t. The character has become reckless in her anger, especially since the death of Abraham, and she’s bound to get herself killed because of it. There’s no denying that she’s one of The Walking Dead‘s biggest badasses, but that doesn’t make her invincible.


I sense a heroes ending for Eugene Porter. Cowardice and comfort walk hand in hand for the character, and he’s currently chilling with Team Negan because of it. There has got to be some sort of bravery hidden deep (deep, deep, DEEP) within Eugene, though, and we could see it surface during the moment of his death.


Listen, I don’t want Jerry to die. The character has remained true to himself throughout the apocalypse, and it warms my heart to see him smile in the face of darkness. Since NOTHING BEAUTIFUL IS SACRED IN THIS BARREN WASTELAND OF A WORLD, however, it’s doubtful that Jerry makes it through all sixteen episodes.


Animal deaths are even harder to stomach than humans sometimes, and we’re fully prepared to have our hearts broken by the death of King Ezekiel’s tiger companion. Though Shiva was in killer mode during the season seven finale, showing up to kill Saviors in a manner reminiscent of the T-rex at the end of Jurassic Park, she’s going to have a huge target on her back once all out war begins. She isn’t likely to make it deep into the season, and the thought of losing her is making me ugly cry right now.

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