Recently our own Curt Oglesbee did a fantastic piece on the 13 spooky songs to add to your Halloween playlist. His list was pretty spot on, and I agree with it. Just for fun, I thought I would throw my hat in the ring and give you 13 more songs to get add to your ultimate Halloween playlist.

13The Dead Don’t Rise – Calabrese

Calabrese is a trio of brothers from Phoenix, AZ. Playing loud, raw and in your face punk rock, you can’t go wrong these horror punk lads. In 2012, our boys released the album Dayglo Necros, where this track can be found.

12Don’t Fear the Reaper – Candlemass

Dont’ Fear the Reaper is a must listen around Halloween time. The original version, by Blue Oyster Cult, is a classic masterpiece, but this one ranks second in my list. Candlemass is a doom metal band hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. Established in 1984, these veteran rockers have a unique sound and take on everybody’s favorite song about death. Slow and haunting, this version is executed masterfully. The slowed down tempo gives off a feeling of impending dread. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

11Halloween – King Diamond

King Diamond is not for everyone. I admit it took me a while to warm up to it, but when I did I actually enjoyed a lot of his work. King Diamond is known for his sinister stage persona, concept albums and trademark evil makeup. Born out of the band Mercyful Fate, Diamond embarked on a successful solo career. Check out his song Halloween to get you in the mood for all things evil.

10Would You Love a Monsterman – Lordi

I could have chosen any number of Lordi songs for this list. One look at these Finnish rockers and you can see they live Halloween 365 days a year. With outlandish costumes and songs centered around horror themes and monsters, Lordi will cure your fever for the malevolent. One cannot just hear Lordi, you have to visually experience them to truly appreciate what they do. While checking out this song, watch the video that goes along with it!

9Dead Pumpkins – Insane Clown Posse

All politics aside, whether you love them or hate them, Insane Clown Posse has survived a long time so somebody must enjoy them. Known for playing Halloween shows in their hometown of Detroit, MI., these two psychopathic serial killer clowns release Halloween-themed singles every year. This track was released in 1994 and still gets regular play by me around this time of year.

8Nosferatu – Twiztid

Like ICP, Twiztid hails from the gritty and violent streets of Detroit. The demented duo of Jamie Madorx and The Monoxide Child keep it wicked and weave a tale of evil through the eyes of a vampire. This song is always a great addition to your Halloween playlist.

Check out my interview with Twiztid here!

7Haddonfield – Wednesday 13 

Wednesday 13 is a man who lives his life like everyday is October 31st. I could have picked any song from his catalog and it would fit on this list. But since I was forced to choose, I chose Haddonfield. It is a great song and it celebrates the lovable Michael Myers.

6I’m Your Boogieman – Rob Zombie 

I tried to not go with the more obvious choices for Rob Zombie. And an ultimate Halloween playlist is not complete without minimum, one Rob Zombie song. This song actually finds it in my regular rotation during my commute.

5Nightmare On My Street – DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince

Back before he was saving the world from aliens, we simply knew Will Smith as The Fresh Prince. This track is amazing and I love introducing it to new people. He tells us the frightening of tale of when Freddy Krueger himself showed up on his street. I don’t see a rap song about Pinhead, do you?

4If You Have Ghosts – Ghost

Sweden’s favorite devil worshiping occult band is the perfect, ominous addition to any playlist. Sit back and let the smooth vocal styling of Papa Emeritus II take you the farthest reaches of despair.

3Bark at the Moon – Ozzy

Ozzy Osbourne the Prince of Darkness. Enough said.

2Scream – Misfits

One would of course expect the Misfits to be on any Halloween playlist. Instead of taking the safe route and suggesting their song Halloween, I decided to go another way. Scream is a great song. Also as a tribute to the late great George Romero, I chose this song because he directed the music video, which is fantastic.

1Welcome to My Nightmare – Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper is the grandfather of shock rock, a title he has no doubt earned. With a career spanning almost 50 years, Alice is still making music and touring. With a stage show that is famous for guillotines, boa constrictors and straight jackets, the Master of the Macabre shows you how the big boys do it. This song is one of his best known classics. Give it a listen and see why this song has survived at the top of horror fans charts for decades.

So there you have it folks- 13 more tracks to add to your Halloween playlist. Some oldies but goodies and some lesser known tracks sure to please. Malicious wishes my friends and Happy Halloween.

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