The following article contains spoilers for Stranger Things 2. Read at your own risk.

This is Chief Jim Hopper. Hopper is a reluctant hero who, after accepting his role in uncovering the mystery of Hawkins, Indiana, has punched many faces, smoked many cigarettes, and become the object of literally everyone’s affection. I mean, just look at the guy.

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This is Eleven (“El” for short). Eleven is a sweet young girl with psychokinetic abilities who was kidnapped and raised in Hawkins National Laboratory. Eleven was kept in the lab for many years before escaping after accidentally opening an interdimensional gateway. All the child really wants from her life is a sense of normalcy, an abundance of Eggo waffles, and to be madly in love with Mike Wheeler.

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In Stranger Things 2, Hopper and Eleven are living together. As you know, the lovable, hardass Chief lost his own daughter, Sara, to cancer several years prior to the events of Stranger Things. Now, a father/daughter dynamic has been established between him and Eleven. He teaches her words, makes her eat her vegetables, and he keeps her safe from the bad government men who want to capture her.

Though the two occasionally butt heads like every parent and child that has ever existed, it’s evident that they care immensely for each other and would give their own lives to ensure each other’s safety. Together, they help to save the town of Hawkins from a devastating evil, but there’s a tiny, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it detail that really proves how perfect they actually are.

In the finale of Stranger Things, we bear witness to the death of Sara. Hopper grips his then wife tightly as she flatlines, and we notice a blue bracelet on his wrist. The bracelet is Sara’s hair bow, and though it’s never spoken of, he wears it frequently. In the finale of Stranger Things 2, after reuniting and laying evil to rest, Hopper ensures that Eleven, who is now legally his own daughter, can go to the Snow Ball with Mike. While her and Mike are learning to dance together, you’ll notice a certain blue bracelet around Eleven’s wrist.

stranger things 2


Hopper cares so deeply for Eleven- now Jane Hopper- that he passed along his daughter’s hair bow. Excuse me while I cry.

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