DC’s Shazam! is shaping up to be an interesting film. Director David F. Sandberg of Lights Out and Annabelle: Creation is behind the wheel of the superhero flick, and it was recently (and surprisingly) announced that Chuck‘s Zachary Levi would be playing the titular hero. The fun casting choices don’t stop floating there however, as Deadline just announced that Jack Dylan Grazer- It‘s own Eddie Kaspbrak- will be joining the cast as Freddy, best friend of Billy Batson, and the only person who knows the truth about Shazam.

In a world filled with negativity, the It kids have proven to be an effective medicine for the happiness of many horror fans (And no, they aren’t “gazebos”), as the film grossed $694 MILLION at the box office, making it the highest grossing horror movie of all time.

Shazam! is being scripted by Henry Gayden (Earth to Echo) and Darren Lemke (Goosebumps), and will be produced by Peter Safran of Annabelle: Creation and James Wan’s Aquaman. Filming will begin early next year.

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