The Follower is French writer/director Kévin Mendiboure’s first feature length film. It was written, directed and edited in four and a half months, including only 12 days of shooting. The film received several nominations at the 2017 FANtastic Horror Film Festival and got Official Selection for Macabre Faire Film Festival 2018. This is a found footage film and before you dismiss it, let me assure you that this film is lacking a lot of the attributes that people dislike so much about found footage. You won’t find any grainy shots or shaky camera work here.

David Baker (Nicolas Shake) hosts an internet show called “Creepy Passion” where he investigates stories of unexplained phenomena. He’s been contacted by Carol Anderson (Chloé Dumas) who tells him her house is haunted and wants to be featured on his show. David is skeptical, but agrees. The only stipulation is that David is not allowed to film in a room upstairs that used to belong to Carol’s grandmother, the original owner of the house. Nicolas Shake makes the character of David both believable and fun, whether he’s cracking jokes to his internet audience or going through a wide range of very animated emotions.

The Follower
Nicolas Shake in The Follower

Once he finishes setting up cameras around the house, David does capture some unusual things on film that could be caused by paranormal activity, but what is even more peculiar is Carol’s behavior.  Her emotions are extremely unpredictable and she can go from calm one minute to screaming at David the next.  I was impressed and a little unnerved with Chloé Dumas’ effectively creepy performance as Carol.

The Follower
Chloé Dumas as Carol in The Follower

David voices his concerns about Carol to the camera and tells his audience that he thinks she is batshit crazy. He consults with Mr. Kabovsky (Boris Anderssen Comar), a medium who just happens to bear a striking resemblance to Christopher Walken, and things get even more bizarre. David decides the medium is a fake and chooses to ignore his advice, and the evidence he caught on camera, which is not only a mistake, but also seals his fate.

The last act of the film ramps up the intensity after the sudden arrival of Carol’s brother, who has just been released from prison. I think The Follower is an original story that benefits from solid writing and directing. It keeps the viewer guessing and most importantly, it’s entertaining. This is a low budget film, but also a good example that the size of a movie’s budget doesn’t have to dictate the quality of the work.

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