It seems that Rudolph is all grown up and entering the Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena as part of the Christmas Promo Pack. The character, along with a few of his friends, is available right now in the tactical battler on PC and Android.

He comes in packing a bit of a punch with an exploding gift box (his basic Gift) to throw at his enemies. His Small Surprise is an exploding gift that deals 50% damage to enemies. Rudolph’s Big Surprise is the ultimate weapon to ward off melee attackers, as it stuffs his enemy inside an exploding box that, when thrown, inflicts 100% damage on nearby foes.

Rudolph Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena

In addition to the characters, the Christmas Promo Pack has character cards (common, rare, and monstrous), a stash of gems and a pile of gold. In Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena, players battle for gold, medals and unlockable cards which grant rare items and additional characters. The game features a roster of characters originally met by players in Monster Castle.

Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is available now on Steam, the Google Play store, available for pre-order for Apple iOS, and is free to play. Check out the new trailer featuring Rudolph below!

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