As most people know I’m a long time fan of the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise and forever a Freddy girl. So you can imagine that was completely stoked when I was asked to review The Watcher of Park Ave, which stars not just one, but two NOES alumni!

The Watcher of Park Ave

The Watcher of Park Ave is directed and written by Ryan Burton. He also stars in the film along with Amanda WyssLisa Wilcox, Chengusoyane Kargbo, Isaiah Seward, Lisa Trione King, Roberto Lombardi, Rommel Tolentino, and Sean Stolzen.

The story revolves around a Manhattan serial killer who can’t seem to be caught. That is until Lt. Sam Warren (Wyss) makes it her mission to track him down on New Year’s Eve and end his reign of terror for good. Will she be able to track him down before he takes another life?

The Watcher of Park Ave is just over 25 minutes long and every minute of it is amazing. The film delivers a fun and exciting thriller with loveable characters and memorable performances. Plus, that poster is freaking stunning!

“You shouldn’t have let your friend walk home alone”

I loved seeing Amanda Wyss and Lisa Wilcox in the same film. It was such a treat and they are both exceptional in their roles. Lisa plays Gwen, a fun and loyal friend with a bubbly personality. It was way different than anything I’ve seen her do before and she killed it. Amanda’s performance was convincing and badass. I love how she took charge and showed strength and determination. Definitely a character I admire. I also have to give a shout out to Roberto Lombardi, his role was small but made the film all that much better with his witty personality. 

Beyond the acting, the best part was the mystery of it all. Who was the serial killer? Who would they kill next? Plus, there’s a slight twist at the end that I think audiences will love.

Overall, The Watcher of Park Ave is a thrilling horror short that I think everyone will enjoy. Especially if you’re a huge fan of the NOES franchise and murder mysteries. Seeing these talented women kicking ass in the horror industry is always a plus. I also love Ryan Burton’s style and look forward to seeing more of his work in the future.

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