Attention all old school gamers. As fun as it might be to dust off your retro consoles and relive some of your favourite games on your Ultra HD TV, did you know you can now play some of your favourite retro video games on your mobile phone?

That’s right, why wait until you get home to visit the forgotten gaming worlds of your childhood when you can fire them up on your phone at work, on the bus, on the beach, or in prison! Here’s our list of 10 of the must have retro video games downloads you need to own.


We don’t care what anyone says, there has never been a better competitive fighting game than Street Fighter II. In fact, no matter how many versions have been released since the original 1993 coin-op edition, and no matter how many modifications and updates the characters and visuals get, no old school gamer in their right mind would choose any of them over the original Super Nintendo cartridge. So, it’s extremely exciting that it found its way onto the App Store a few years ago. Now you can Haduken to your hearts content! Just make sure you don’t smash your screen though, OK?


R-Type was massive in the arcades, so when it was finally ported to the consoles, gamers all over the globe wet their pants with excitement. There was, undoubtedly, a few more soggy underwear moments when the side-scrolling shooter finally became available for download in the App Store recently. R-Type is just one of those retro video games that is perfect for mobile gaming, and translates so-well to any generation.


Any way you slice it, Earthworm Jim was one of the greatest video game heroes in the history of time and space. Whether you’re into plumbers who save princesses, or hedgehogs who fight for animal rights, there’s simply no denying that the tale of an ordinary earthworm named Jim, who finds a supersuit and uses it to battle evil doers is the ultimate personification of the American Dream. It was also one of the most beloved and successful side-scrolling platformers of its era, so it’s a no-brainer that it would eventually worm its way onto your mobile handset.


Final Fight was pretty much like a documentary of what it was like to grow up on the mean streets of my home town. I remember fondly going to the shops for a bottle of milk, and having to fight off throngs of knife-wielding goons and occasionally smashing up cars with my bare fists. Man, those were the days. Reliving this on my iPhone is just like a walk down memory lane. Sigh.


Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag it aint, but Sid Meier’s Pirates is as fun to play in 2018 as it was upon its release back in 1987.


Can you believe its been almost 30 years since Golden Axe first appeared in the arcades? So much has changed since then, but perhaps nothing more so than the fact you can now delve deep into this sword and sorcery classic in the comfort of your own home. Play on the toilet like I do. Or maybe in the bath? We wouldn’t advise playing while driving though – that’s as dangerous now as it was back in the ’80’s.

4. X-MEN

Everything that has spawned from the X-Men comic book series has been awesome. At least until the films were released. The animated TV show AND its unforgettable theme tune were some of the most iconic of the ’90’s, while the arcade game ruled the roost for much of the decade. In 2011, the game found it’s way on to the App Stores for both iPhone and Android devices, and is still a top seller in various markets to this day.


The first time I ever played any Monkey Island games, I was awestruck by how good it looked. I wasn’t much of a PC gamer at the time, and hadn’t really experienced the superior graphics available through a lot of the CD-ROM titles. I’ve played tons of PC games since, but The Secret of Monkey Island, and its sequels remain some of the very best. The mobile phone port offers an exact replica of the classic video game, but as a special extra allows players to replay it in full HD too. This is an absolute must for old school gaming fans, and is the blueprint for how mobile phone ports should be treated.


Dragon’s Lair was the most gorgeous looking video game in the arcades. If you don’t agree, then you’re a goddamn liar! It’s been translated onto your mobile device, and is a carbon copy of the game you wasted your pocket money on back in 1983! Everything from the Don Bluth animation, to the heroic Dirk and enchanting Princess Daphne, have been retained as was, and will make you question everything you know about retro video games having a certain look. This is 35 years old this year, for goodness sake, but looks like it could have been created last week.


As a kid growing up, there was no other game in the arcades that stole more cash from me (actually, my parents), than The Simpsons Arcade. With it’s brightly coloured decals adorning the cabinet, its use of the real TV show voice talents, and the non-stop on-screen action, it was everything a fan of The Simpsons could ever ask for – even if I never actually completed it!

For years, I held out hope that the game would some day be ported to a console, but that day never came. It did eventually make it’s way on to Xbox Live Arcade for a heartbeat, but it was a blink and you’ll miss it appearance that has never been repeated. Now, though, you get to play an HD version on your iPhone and it’s the most glorious thing that’s ever happened in the history of everything ever! It’s like everything before The Simpsons Arcade being released was just a rehearsal for this moment. Treat your phone and yourself (and your friends) and download it NOW!

**Not all games are available in all markets, and sadly, not all are free**

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