Viral Films UK and Death Vault Productions have launched a Kickstarter for an ambitious lycanthropic short film titled Werehouse, which will be presented in black, white, and red. While the film itself is in black and white, the use of red will highlight things that are significant, along with blood and gore. It will also utilize mostly practical effects.

Werehouse (2018): Black, white and red test shot

With a planned run time of 15 minutes, Werehouse will be directed by Daniel Mark Young and written by James Craigie. The team plans to shoot in Chelmsford, Essex, UK in late April. During a full moon, of course. The film stars Amy Costelloe, Derek Nelson, Harriet Rees, and Oliver Roy.

Synopsis: “When a peaceful demonstration turns to violence in the streets, a trio of students seek shelter in a nearby warehouse. But they soon realise it was safer outside when coming face-to-face with the lycanthropic occupant…”

Storyboards by Joe Byrne

If you’d like more information about the project, including how to back Werehouse, simply visit the Kickstarter page. They have 47 days to meet the $6,239 goal.

Poster design by Joe Byrne

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