Jeffrey Dean Morgan played a pivotal role throughout the first two seasons of Supernatural, and two-hundred-thousand episodes later, the spirit of his character, John Winchester, still courses through the series. The very existence of Papa Winchester shaped our beloved brothers more-so than perhaps anything they’ve faced throughout the show’s thirteen seasons- so a return, given the oft resurrection storylines presented in the series, would be more than welcome.

Morgan, who plays baseball bat-wielding baddie Negan in AMC’s The Walking Dead, addressed questions from fans during a recent Walker Stalker Cruise, and when the conversation turned to Supernatural, the actor had some interesting things to say.

“We’re not talking about Supernatural,” joked Morgan. “I mean, when (Robert) Kirkman kills Negan, I’ll go back to Supernatural.”

jeffrey dean morgan
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan

“If that show ever ends and they’re on like season 400, I said I would love to go back and have some resolution with that character,” the actor went on to say.

Morgan, who is still a recurring guest at Supernatural conventions, discussed the importance of John Winchester’s return during last year’s con.

“Before it’s all said and done, and we talk about it all the time and I’ve been saying it for years — because it’s Supernatural, and you can come back, as proven by every actor that’s ever been on the show, I certainly hope that at some point not only will John return in some capacity but I think that Sam and Dean need to have some closure with this guy,” Morgan stated.

“I think that John would like the opportunity to have some closure, and I think you, the audience, deserves it.”

Would you like to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan play John Winchester one more time? It sounds to us like a return may eventually be in the cards.

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