Since the box-office dominating release of Andy Muschietti’s It last September, it’s been commonplace for fans to post their dream cast for 2019’s sequel. It wasn’t the least bit surprising for anyone, though, when Jessica Chastain voiced her eagerness to play adult Beverly Marsh in Chapter 2, since she’d already worked with Muschietti in 2013’s Mama. Not only did the choice seem like a good fit, but it seemed like a sure thing since all parties were interested. Now, several months after the release, it’s finally becoming a reality as Chastain is in talks to play the character.

It: Chapter 2 eyes September 6, 2019 for its much-anticipated release. If Jessica Chastain is to reach an agreement, she’ll join Bill Skarsgård, who is returning as Pennywise the Dancing (and child-eating) Clown, and Andy Muschietti, who is again directing. Gary Dauberman, who co-penned the first film, is currently in progress on the sequel.

The Oscar-nominated Chastain will be taking the reins from Sophia Lillis, who gave an empowering performance as young Beverly in the original film.

Stay tuned for more casting news on It: Chapter 2!


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