He may already be faster than the naked eye, but now Sonic the Hedgehog will be speeding his way into cinemas, according to a story published by Deadline. The iconic Sega cash cow will appear in his first ever live action/CGI movie, due for release around Christmas 2019, with none other than Tim Miller attached as an exec producer. That’s right folks, we live in a time where the Deadpool director is making a movie based on Sonic the Hedgehog. Mind. Blown.

Joining Miller in the producer role is Neal H Moritz, better known for his work on The Fast & The Furious franchise, while 2005 Acadamy Award nominee Jeff Fowler is slated to direct. For anyone who saw his Oscar-baiting short Gopher Broke, this is very exciting news.

You will recall that Sonic first burst into the public consciousness back in 1991, when Sega needed an answer to Nintendo’s mega-selling Super Mario Bros. Sonic’s presence would spark the first real console wars, drawing a line in the sand for friends to become foes as they feuded over which was the better video game. Today though, almost 30 years later, Mario is still going strong whereas Sonic has faded into the background, even appearing on Nintendo consoles which is something we never thought we’d see back in the day.

Plot details for the movie are non-existent at the time of writing this, but it’s a safe bet there’s going to be cute woodland creatures in peril, and an evil, flying scientist behind it all. We could be way off though. Maybe Miller will enforce a strict R rated approach to the film, seeing as it worked so well for him with Deadpool?

We’ll have more details on the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie when it arrives.

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