We saw so many great films hit the festival circuit last year, with Dead Shack being one of them. After all of the positive reviews, I was excited to check it out, although I’ll admit that I’ve been a bit over the zombie sub-genre recently. Would it live up to its hype or be just another run of the mill zombie film?

dead shack

Dead Shack was directed by Peter Ricq and stars Cameron AndresLizzie BoysHannah Rochelle Burr, Lauren Holly, Raphael Kepinski, Gabriel LaBelle, Matthew Nelson-Mahood, Donavon Stinson, and Valerie Tian. The story follows three kids who must save their parents from an evil mother and her zombie family. What could go wrong?

I loved Dead Shack from beginning to end. It felt like a combination of Zombieland, The Monster Squad, and The Goonies all rolled into one. It’s hilariously entertaining and a bloody good time that the whole family can enjoy. Although it is about zombies, Ricq managed to deliver a unique and creative story that sucks you in and delivers a witty dialogue with fun one-liners.

“Fuck Unicorns!” 

I loved all three main characters, however, Gabriel LaBelle‘s character, Colin, had a standout performance. He had hilarious one-liners and carried the comedy really well. Lizzie Boys plays his sister, Summer, and did a great job in her role as the leader of the three. 

The special effects were very well done and will make gorehounds happy. Although it wasn’t all over the top, the moments that were, like a head cut off with blood spraying out of the neck, were fantastic.

If you’re looking for a film that will frighten you, Dead Shack isn’t the one. But it is a hilariously entertaining horror comedy with a fun spin on the zombie sub-genre. It delivers a new, yet nostalgic, story that will remind you of past favorites in which lovable kids team up together to fight the bad guys. So what are you waiting for? Load up Shudder, watch Dead Shack and enjoy!

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