The Xbox One and Xbox 360 Games with Gold have been revealed for March 2018. Let’s take a look!

1Trials of the Blood Dragon (Xbox One)
Available March 1-30

Set in 2019, beasts called Blood Dragons roam the land and its up to the offspring of the legendary Rex Power Colt, Roxanne and Slayter, to go to Vietnam War 4 to save the world. Trials of the Blood Dragon offers single player, as well as competitive Ghost mode, Global Score and Leaderboards.

2Superhot (Xbox One)
Available March 16-April 15

Superhot is a FPS where time movies only when you move. There are no health bars or ammo drops to help along the way. It is up to you to take enemy weapons and survive your way through a storm of slo-mo bullets.

3Brave: The Video Game (Xbox One & Xbox 360)
Available March 1-15

Based on the 2012 Disney/Pixar animated film, Brave: The Video Game is a third-person action-adventure game that lets players take on the role of Merida, as well as other characters from the film. There is a single campaign, co-op, and Bear mode that let’s you play as…you guessed it…a bear.

4Quantum Conundrum (Xbox One & Xbox 360)
Available March 16-31

Make your way through a crazy mansion to solve a variety of puzzles using your scientist uncle’s Interdimensional Shift Device. With it, you’re able to harness Fluffy, Heavy, Slow, and Reverse Gravity dimensions. Your goal is to save your uncle and, of course, survive.

That does it for March’s Games with Gold! Happy gaming, folks.

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