The Crow remake has been an on-again off-again Hollywood project for longer than it’s likely to be worth, but it’s finally moving forward. Game of Thrones and Justice League star Jason Momoa is attached to star, and the release date has been locked in for an October 11, 2019 release date. The title of the remake is The Crow Reborn, and it’s set to be directed by The Hallow‘s Corin Hardy. The film will reportedly follow very closely to the plot of James O’Barr’s original comic.

The original film is widely renowned for its style and iconic soundtrack, which featured the likes of Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against the Machine, and The Cure, but is most famously known for the tragedy at the center of its production in which star Brandon Lee was killed in a freak accident. The remake has generated a fair amount of controversy already, with Alex Proyas, the original’s director, pleading with the studio to honor Brandon Lee’s memory and not go through with the new film.

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