Like the technology at its core, Black Mirror has taken over the world. The modern science fiction/horror anthology has grown in popularity since being picked up by Netflix, so it comes as no surprise that the series has been picked up for a fifth season.

Charlie Brooker, the series’ creator, has shown continued innovation throughout the first four seasons, highlighting the dangers and downfalls of our technology-obsessed culture. The fourth season, which premiered on Netflix in December of last year, was especially strong, offering fans three of the best episodes (“USS Callister,” “Hang the DJ,” and “Black Museum”) of the entire series.

Black Mirror has proven to be an attraction for filmmakers and superstars as well, with notable actors and directors signing on to bring Brooker’s episodes to life in seasons past. Since the series is currently enjoying peak popularity, you should expect quality Hollywood names to continue attaching themselves to the anthology in season five.

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