Infamous high score guru Billy Mitchell, the man once known as the King of Kong, has been stripped of his world records after his insanely high scores were deemed incredibly questionable by a fellow gamer, which in turn led to a full investigation.

Mitchell, who most of us remember from the 2007 documentary¬†King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, has long been considered the bad boy of competitive video gaming, and it’s a role he seemed to enjoy, albeit with his tongue wedged firmly in his cheek. But despite how people may have felt about him, there was no denying how great a gamer he was after he landed the first ever ‘million point game’ on the¬†Donkey Kong arcade stack.

However, this all changed when it emerged that Twin Galaxies, the officially recognized tracker of gaming world records, had conducted an investigation into Mitchell’s claims and had come to the decision that for his record-setting score of 1,047,200 to be achieved, Billy would have had to have used emulation software, which is against the rules. They went on to explain that a score of that magnitude is simply not possible on the original arcade machines and as such Mitchell had – allegedly – attempted to defraud the system.

The result of this decision now means that Steve Wiebe is now the official 1st million point holder. As for Mitchell, he will never again be allowed to submit any score to the officially recognized leaderboards, effectively meaning he is banned from the world of competitive video gaming. Billy Mitchell has refused to comment at this time.

You can check out Twin Galaxies official statement here.

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Source: Twin Galaxies

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