Out of the depths of Crystal Lake comes the mass murderer known as Jason Voorhees. He’s back to terrify and maim all that he encounters, except cats. Blue Wizard Digital’s Friday The 13th: Killer Puzzle release has brought many to the slaughter, and rightly so. Their isometric puzzle game in lieu of last year’s, Slayaway Camp, is another masterpiece under their machetes.

Since April 13th, Friday The 13th: Killer Puzzle has been my obsession and my sanctuary from the real world. One-hundred and fifty-six challenges (including DLC) later and I’m ready to don the old hockey mask myself. All kidding a side, you’ll be busy for weeks to come. With each day, you’ll be able to play a Daily Challenge and then see how many kills you can get in a game of “Murder Marathon.” So far, I’m at twenty-eight kills. Fans of Slayaway Camp will feel right at home with the nuance of Friday The 13th: Killer Puzzle. Newcomers, well, you’re in for a treat.

The game begins with “Crystal Lake Memories.” This episode gives you a basic tutorial of what’s in store for Jason as he hunts down those pesky counselors. As you play, you’ll get a good feel for the controls and how to plan accordingly. In case you miss the severed head in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, that is Mrs. Voorhees. She is there to guide Jason when he gets stuck and to give her precious boy some motherly love. I will say- if you have kids, this might not be a suitable experience. However, there is an option to change the gore from R to PG, so parents can use discretion.

I found myself needing more to sate my blood-lust, so I downloaded the Android version of Friday The 13th: Killer Puzzle and it runs as smoothly as the Steam version and you can slaughter on the go. I highly recommend purchasing the “Mrs. Voorhees Motherly Love Mega” bundle DLC that is $9.39 on Steam as of this review. The bundle will let you unlock four more murderlicious episodes with each episode containing thirteen extremely fun challenges. You’ll also get seven different variations of Jason in all of his killtastic glory.

Friday The 13th: Killer Puzzle is now free to play on Steam, iOS, and Android. Visit the game’s official website and Steam page for more info and to purchase. So far, Blue Wizard Digital has really impressed me with their games. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

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