After almost a full year since launch, players of Ubisoft and Red Storm Entertainment’s Star Trek: Bridge Crew can soon seek out some new worlds and new life forms in an all new DLC. The add-on, simply titled Star Trek: Bridge Crew — The Next Generation, will finally adapt content from Star Trek: The Next Generation into the game. Seeing the uniforms alone already has me excited!

In a post on PlayStation Blog, designer Hunter Janes touches on some of the new additions the DLC will be introducing. Obviously, the Enterprise as seen on the series — NCC-1701D — will be available to commandeer. Romulans and the Borg have also been added, as they were previously not present in the game. For Data fans out there, players can now design their avatars to resemble the Soong-type androids as well. And that’s just a small sample of all of the new content coming with the DLC.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Some of the other added content includes new Ongoing Voyages, including one involving the Borg that sounds pretty intense. Titled “Resistance,” this mission has players searching for anti-Borg prototypes to take down a deadly Borg Cube, but it’s not going to be easy. Here’s how Janes explains it, from the blog post:

“Along the way, crews are faced with randomly presented challenges that have to be completed with the knowledge that every second spent brings the Borg Cube ever closer. Warping to another solar system will buy you time, and each prototype successfully collected will provide you with a new tool for fighting the Borg…but each time you face the Cube, it’s adapted to your tactics and becomes ever more powerful. And the Cube gets very mean, very quickly.”

Star Trek: Bridge Crew — The Next Generation will be available for players on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR on May 22. It will then be released on July 21 for those playing on Oculus Rift, HTC Hive, and Windows Mixed Reality devices.

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