Despite the popularity of the hit Adult Swim animated series Rick and Morty, the future of the show has been unclear. Though co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon were on board, Adult Swim had yet to renew the show for a fourth season. Fans had to deal with the possibility that the acclaimed series could end its run after just three seasons.

Now, Rick and Morty fans can finally breathe a little easier, because it’s been officially confirmed the duo aren’t going anywhere for a while. As confirmed by Roiland on Twitter, Adult Swim has ordered 70 new episodes of the series. With the first three seasons running ten episodes each, this suggests the network has renewed the show for seven more seasonsAnd all we were asking for was Season 4…

The bad news is that there’s no official release date as for when Season 4 will premiere. But it’s nice to know the Rick and Morty team is back to work on the series, with at least 70 new adventures in the show’s future. Just keep in mind that animated shows take time to work on, and production couldn’t begin until the official renewal from Adult Swim came in.

If you’re late to the Rick and Morty party, you should definitely give it a chance. The series follows an alcoholic scientist and his timid grandson and the interdimensional adventures they take together. It definitely has some wacky moments and over-the-top humor, but at the heart of it, you’ll find it’s hilarious and very well-written. You’ll know by the end of the first episode you see if the show is for you, but it’s highly recommended.

We’ll be staying tuned while we wait for an official release date. For now, take a look at the time Rick and Morty made a surprise appearance on The Simpsons

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