I am not condoning serial killers, but there can never be enough strong roles written for women in genre films. Therefore, I was excited to learn there is a female serial killer thriller being released in June. The film Monochrome is written and directed by Thomas Lawes, also known for his work on The Last Projectionist (2011) and Demagogue (1998).

Monochrome tells the story of Emma Rose (Jo Woodcock), who makes the fateful decision to lash out against the wealthy after her boyfriend gets arrested for embezzling money and she’s wanted for questioning. Emma hates money and everything it stands for and begins working odd jobs for rich people in their homes for free so she can murder them.

Jo Woodcock as Emma in ‘Monochrome’

Gabriel Lenard (Cosmo Jarvis) is a brilliant detective who suffers from Synesthesia and OCD, but manages to use his disorders to solve crimes.  Synesthesia is when one sense, such as sight, triggers another sense, such as smell, at the same time. Gabriel sees colors when he looks at numbers and letters and he is able to immediately memorize what he sees. While working for the UK’s version of the FBI, he comes across Emma’s case and is so intrigued by it that he starts working on it, despite the fact that the agent in charge of the case has ordered him not to. Through his ability to see things that others don’t, he is able to track Emma down.

Cosmo Jarvis as Gabriel in ‘Monochrome’

Although the cast gives incredibly strong performances, Monochrome suffers from pacing and storyline issues and feels a lot longer than its runtime. This thriller just doesn’t have enough bang to keep it interesting, even though Jo Woodcock and Cosmo Jarvis really shine in their roles. The cinematography is striking, so it is unfortunate that the story is inclined to feel too drawn out.

Monochrome also stars BAFTA winner James Cosmo (Game of Thrones, Braveheart) and will be available from Gravitas Ventures on VOD and DVD on June 6th.  You can follow the Monochrome Facebook page for more information and check out the trailer below.

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