“You don’t believe in the boogeyman?…You should.”

Blumhouse released the MUCH anticipated trailer for its upcoming Halloween film today, which shows us how the story continues and what our favorite siblings have been up to over the years.

Laurie Strode (played by a returning Jamie Lee Curtis) has obviously been tormented by her experiences and has learned how to defend herself. Now a gun-toting survivalist, she has been “praying” for the return of Michael Myers, so that she has the chance to kill him.

She gets her chance to go face to face with The Shape after he escapes the mental institute he’s been held in. A British TV crew covering the murders visit Michael and taunt him with his old mask, which undoubtedly awakens the beast inside. He travels back to Haddonfield, leaving bodies in his wake, on…you guessed it…Halloween night.

Upon discovering that HE is coming home, Laurie prepares to not only survive the night, but end the terror once and for all.

It hasn’t been an easy road for the production company and crew. Between (unverified) reports coming out regarding early test audiences not scoring the film well and fans worrying that one of their favorite film franchises will be too watered down, they’ve had to do a lot of convincing without showing much. The timeline has also thrown fans through a loop, since this Halloween film is ignoring the majority of the franchise. (Which means Resurrection never happened, so perhaps a silver lining?)

We have now seen stills from the film, which were released earlier this week, and a full trailer. So, I have to say…as someone who has been a tad more hesitant to get too excited, those doubts have been lifted. The trailer delivers exactly what I want in a new Halloween film. It doesn’t appear to involve a complicated storyline and or add way too much to the Michael’s background (ahem, Rob Zombie) and shows us a truly brutal and terrifying monster.

I usually say this with or without a new Halloween film, but October can’t come soon enough!

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