Well, folks, it’s that time of year again when the sun actively tries to kill us all. Its relentless rays forces us to either retreat indoors or find a nice place to take a dip. As fun as splashing and cooling off in the water may be, there can be hidden dangers, such as killer sharks and gut-sucking drains.

So, as we kick off our summer festivities, here are 5 terrifying water scenes for you to think about!


Burnt Offerings – Ben and Davey in the Pool 

As father (Ben) and son (Davey) enjoy some time in the pool at their (possessed) vacation rental, the house takes over and makes Ben act a bit…psychotic. Needing to feed off the family and rejuvenate itself, the house puts Ben into a trance, which makes him violently roughhouse, nearly drowning his own son. Watching Davey struggle to catch his breath as Ben gets more and more vicious is an uncomfortable scene, and memorable at that.

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The Shallows – Get Out of the Water!

As a fan of natural horror, I was pleasantly surprised by 2016’s The Shallows. While it featured clunky CGI at times, there were some suspenseful moments, like the scene making this list! As Nancy (Blake Lively) is injured and stranded on a rock while a great white circles around, she sees two surfers in the water. Despite trying her best to warn them (“Get out of the water!”), they’re ultimately doomed. Even though we know what their fate will be, the intensity doesn’t let up.

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The Final Destination – Drain Suck 

Final Destination 4, titled as The Final Destination, may not be the best in the series, but it did feature a pretty memorable and cringeworthy death. Hunt Wynorski is the cliched a-hole who only cares about himself and getting laid, and he’s the 5th victim in the film.

Lounging on a chair at a public pool, flipping his “lucky” coin between his fingers, the coin gets away from him and goes into the pool drain. Hunt dives in to retrieve the coin when Death manipulates the drain controls, making it extra sucktastic. He ends up ass down on the drain with his insides getting sucked out in a god-awful way.


Jaws 2 – Speedboat Explosion

A woman is skiing behind a speedboat, totally unaware that she is being hunted by a great white shark. After he makes his move and the skier goes under, the woman driving the speedboat notices her missing, stops, and the boat is soon attacked. In an effort to blow the shark up, she douses it, the boat, and, unfortunately, herself with gasoline and shoots a flare gun, which makes for a fantastic explosion. All in all, one of the best moments from the Jaws franchise, outside of the first film.

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Jaws – Skinny Dipping

The opening of Jaws is not only one of the most iconic moments in cinema, but one that has single-handedly made people scared to go into the water. On a beautiful night at beach, Chrissie decides to take a naked dip in the ocean. As she’s treading water, she gets tugged under, pops back up, and then carried along by the shark while screaming before going under. Seeing Chrissie from the shark’s perspective while the iconic music plays is still terrifying to watch. It also makes you wonder what’s looking up at you while swimming in the ocean.

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Have a wonderful summer, everyone!

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