Back in early April, we shared that Rene Rivas, who’d been involved with Never Hike Alone, was dropping a Halloween fan film that took place in an alternate Halloween: H20 universe, and earlier today, the first teaser trailer for The Spirit of Haddonfield went live at Halloween Daily News.

With the fervor generated from Blumhouse’s release of the Halloween (2018) trailer last Friday, Rivas waited until Monday out of respect for anticipation of the horror giant’s first peek behind that particular Haddonfield curtain, but fans eager for all things Michael Myers needn’t wait any longer.

Rivas told HDN:

“For just shy of six months, I was working on this thing. It was a secret passion project. I didn’t tell anybody about it. In April (2018), we made the announcement that ‘Hey, this thing’s done. This is what we’ve been working on.'”

For fans who have been champing at the bit for The Shape’s return, Rivas felt a release weeks prior to Blumhouse’s feature film would serve as a nice hors d’oeurve to the main course.

“I just thought it would be cool for the fans if not only are we going to get a feature from Blumhouse coming out soon (October 19), but we’re also going to have a little appetizer before that.”

As Rivas shared with HDN, “My story takes place 20 years after Halloween: H20,” continuing “Let’s say if The Shape wasn’t decapitated at the end of H20, this is the story that would have subsequently happened.”

According to HDN, Rivas referred to The Spirit of Haddonfield as “a pretty fun little piece.”

With familiar font and sounds, as well as a twist of The Shining for good measure, The Spirit of Haddonfield’s teaser is sure to only intensify the desire for October for Halloween fans everywhere.

Rivas served as an associate producer on the Friday the 13th fan film Never Hike Alone, and recruited that film’s writer/director and Jason Voorhees, Vincente DiSanti to fulfill the coveted role of The Shape.

The Spirit of Haddonfield is slated for YouTube release on October 1st.

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